“. . . the story is a good one.  Against the exotic background of a Caribbean cruise Joyce A. Stengel has fused a modern theme with the traditional.  There is a successful blend of the confused and very real feelings of a teenage girl being expected to get along with her father’s new family and the sort of adventure associated with an ‘X marks the spot’ treasure map.” —Books Ireland October 1997

Mystery of the Island Jewels

Simon & Schuster - Aladdin Mystery

ISBN 0-689-85049-2


“When fourteen-year-old Cassie Hartt joins her father and new stepmother and stepsister for a holiday on board The Seabird, a luxury Caribbean cruise liner bound for Martinique, she finds it difficult to sort out complicated feelings for her father and his new family.

Bored, Cassie attends a lecture where she learns of the “Jewelled Jesu” – an ancient statue of Christ surrounded by gems – and is fascinated by the legend of an Indian maiden who, centuries earlier, vanished into a cave high in the mountains of Martinique.

Cassie also discovers a romantic interest in Charles Nobre Reyes, a handsome but mysterious young man she meets on board the ship.  Danger pursues the two teenagers as they race against time to recover the stolen statue and return it to its rightful resting place.

An exciting mystery set against a backdrop of exotic locations.”

also available for Kindle

When Cassie Hartt joins her father and his new family for a cruise, little does she know she’ll become involved in a new mystery.  Like Cassie, when I write, little do I know where my characters will lead me.  Cassie led me on a merry chase in Mystery of the Island Jewels.

Sail with her to Martinique and enjoy her new adventures.

Fun Fact: Reliving a Caribbean cruise with my husband.

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