Some secrets grow stronger—and more dangerous—with time.

“A classic spine-tingler with a truly modern heroine.”
—Stacy DeKeyser, One Witch at a Time

The Disappearance of Amanda Wrenn combines equal parts ghost story, puzzling mystery, and creepy happenings to create an engaging adventure that will keep pages turning to the very tense end. Well-defined, three-dimensional characters and terrific Maine settings combine to give a moving sense of reality to even the spookiest moments. I honestly loved it.”
—Jan Fields, Ghost Light Burning

The Disappearance of Amanda Wrenn

Pelican Publishing Company

ISBN-10: 1455621668

ISBN-13: 978-1455621668


Some secrets aren’t meant to be kept.

Ever since Lou Harrison moved to Somerville, strange things have been happening. Why is it that Amanda Wrenn, a girl who disappeared decades ago, is identical to Lou’s dead sister? Why is Lou having visions of a terrible accident she knows nothing about? No matter how innocent Lou’s new home might seem, she can’t shake the feeling that a horrible secret is hidden there—a secret that someone might kill to protect. In this new thriller from novelist Joyce A. Stengel, the past and present weave together a dangerous web of mystery, deception, and murder. Intricate and fast-paced, this book will have readers holding their breath until the last exhilarating page.

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